Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost for varies for various destination. Some shipping cost could be very expensive if Dangerous Cargo (DG Cargo) is on board. DG Cargo is classified as items that are explosive or exhaust poisonous chemical/gas fumes in nature.

Tax Exemption

For those with Government Purchase Orders, tax exemption can be arranged. Such exemption can only be duty at the Duty Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and taken by you personally at such FTZ

How do I return a product I purchased on your site?

All goods sold are NOT returnable.

I've seen products like batons & body armor, but can't purchase them. Where can I purchase them?

Certain products would need you to have a local Police License and Import Permit. It also requires you to have an export license from the country of origin. Please check with us first should you want to purchase such products.

Please that if you do not have the required licenses, you are not permitted to TRADE in such items.

Can I ship to a PO box?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship to these addresses.

Can I ship to an international address?

All shipment of our products to Overseas is prohibited.

Purchase of Petroleum Products

Purchasing of Petroleum Products is heavily regulated. It can only be done via inquiry and quotation from us.

Bidding for Quotation & Tenders

We are able to assists companies/individuals to participate in quotation and tenders in a transparent manner.

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

For Transparency, all inquires for pricing must first be accompanied with an RFQ

Payment Terms

Payments shall be 100% upon issuance of Purchase Order.